Navani knows not to forget the little people…


[For those of you new to me and my blog, Olivia is my cousin’s four-year-old daughter/ love of my life. She continually enlightens me with her philosophies.]

Olivia understands many things for a girl her age, but time is not one of them. This is a subject completely abstract to her and sometimes it troubles her… like around bedtime and Christmas time. When Olivia’s mom tells her it’s time for bed, she looks for any reason to stay up. Most recently, she’s discovered the trend of staying up late during the weekend. “But I don’t wanna go to beddddddddddddddddddddd, it’s not time yet!” and her mom replies: “You have to go to bed because you have school tomorrow, it’s not the weekend so you can’t stay up late” Olivia doesn’t understand this. She is perplexed. “When will it be the weekend again?” She asks. “Well it’s only Monday, so you have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then Friday, then it’s the weekend” her mom replies. “Ay I wish it was the weekend already!!!!!” Olivia exclaims, totally stressed out. Welcome to the real world my dear!

It also frustrated Olivia to see the Christmas tree go up this past holiday, minus the presents. To her a tree = opening gifts. Waiting a month to get them was not an option. She instantly inquired about the situation. “Mami, when can I open my presents?” “Not until Christmas, it isn’t Christmas yet.” Her mother explained. “But you put the Christmas tree up, isn’t it Christmas now?” “No Olivia, it’s not till the end of the month” Of course Olivia cannot grasp this concept at all so everyday since then she has had this same convo, ending with this same response, “But I don’t know when that is! I really miss Christmas mami; I wish it was Christmas now”

And lastly on this edition of the Olivia report, are her thoughts on knuckleheads. Another random evening, when it was time for her to go to bed, her dog “Foxy” was barking and making all kinds of noise, and that was just not going to fly. So Olivia took it upon herself to resolve the situation. “Foxy!!!! Be QUIET you knucklehead!” She yelled at the dog. This was not effective enough. The dog barked again. So again, Olivia ran to her and this time got a lil more threatening, “FOXY STOP BARKING, OR YOU GONNA GET A KNUCKLE UPSIDE YOUR HEAD!” We still cannot think of where this child got this line from, but she does watch a lot of Sanford and Son reruns, so that could be it. In any case, it did the job.

One thought on “Navani knows not to forget the little people…

  1. Knuckle sandwich, anyone? I got two lil ones in my life as well and they surprise with their actions and sayings all the time. They speak the truth because they’re innocent and haven’t been brainwashed yet. Age 0-8 or so is a thing of beauty.

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