Navani Knows Acceptance

I learned a long time ago that the only thing constant in this world is change. I didn’t always take heed though. Being a Taurus I am stubborn by nature, so I will fight against almost anything – from nice deeds, to compliments and most of all: abrupt changes in my environment. If you leave it up to me, I’ll stay in any situation forever just for continuity, no matter how desperately I am hoping for a change (i.e. I’ve had my same cell phone number/provider since 2000).

That’s where the universe comes in. I found out the rather hard way that if you take to long to make your move, something will come along and make it for you. No matter what plans you think you have for how you expect your life to go, at the end of the day it’s not your call. It was a huge lesson for me to learn, hence why I had to go through it more than once. Sadly, this is not the first time I have had my whole life turned upside at a moment’s notice. However, this is the first time I decided not to fight against it.

I was in a rut – financially, emotionally, in my living situation, with my romantic dealings… and I couldn’t understand why. Then my friend Kim said something that changed my entire outlook. She told me that many times we are living in a constant state of want. We are never satisfied with the here and now; instead we spend all our time and energy wanting something else. We are focused on what we don’t have or changing situations to make them suit our wants…instead of just accepting them as they are. It was so true for me. I had to sit back and regroup and see how I had been applying that technique to just about everything and everyone in my life. It was totally hindering my personal growth.

I finally took a deep breath and just started accepting. Accepting my changes, and letting them transpire into something bigger and better. Accepting my new surroundings, my new job, even if it is just for this moment. I am enjoying this moment. I started accepting the people in my life for who they are, and what they are and aren’t capable of. I stopped wanting them to be any other way. I realized that whatever is happening in this moment is absolutely how it should be. Once I started to see my life through those lenses, everything smoothly started falling into place.

What I figured out was most of the things I kept searching high and low for I already had in my possession. Like love for instance – just because the one person I was so focused on loving me didn’t, doesn’t mean I didn’t already have all the love I needed in my life. I have people calling and telling me they love me everyday. People that open their homes to me with no regard. People that travel long distances to support me in my endeavors, and others that pray for me and think of me without me even knowing. There is so much love and beauty in the world to focus on, how I was missing it all?

I guess it was always there for the taking, I just had to be ready to accept it all in.

3 thoughts on “Navani Knows Acceptance

  1. Reading such positive blogs like this one is inspiring within itself!! I have noticed the difference in YOU and def def must say…Its pretty amazing!!! You’re a Rock Starr!!!

  2. Hey Navani,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog posts and can so relate to your ups and downs and, new revelations on this journey we call life. Question for you, could you imagine your self stripped of all your worldly possesions and all you had were the clothes on your back? Ultimately in this type of thought or situation the average logical person would see someone homeless, an every day so called bum, the person on the train looking for change or food to eat. Better yet what if we all stripped of our worldly posessions: money, fame, careers, cars and homes. Do you think that we would have the capacity to understand that type of change and take the opportunity to re-build a society that’s fair, equal and fitting for all people? I ask these questions because the point I am trying to make is as we understand acceptance are we accepting all of the elements of society we have placed upon ourselves throughout time. Or are you willing to strip your self of all that you know and fight against the elements of society that we have known and lived by all our lives?

    “Realizing and accepting the beauty and love within your world is the most profound gift one can give themself” – Aaron A. Carter

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