Navani Knows How to Become a Writer

There are days (not many but some) when I question why I write. I question everything about my writing. I question if anyone even reads it half the time or who really cares. This is what I like to call the slump. It’s like PMS for your career. I just don’t feel like anything I want to write makes sense or is good enough. Then I stomp away from my computer in a complete tantrum and try to think of other career paths that I might be well suited for.

This, I thought, was my own weirdo cycle- specific only to me. And it troubled me greatly too, until I came across an article by Junot Diaz on  recently. Funny thing is, he describes going through similar bouts with his writing. The tantrums. The ripping up of the pages. The vow to pick a more “stable”, more rewarding career. I realized I was not alone. Who knew?! 

I figured if this is what aPulitzer Prize winning writer goes through, I must be on the right darn track. So on a day like today when it’s cold and I am feeling utterly useless and uninspired (I know, I’m sorry -I can’t ALWAYS be inspiring lol), I will lean on someone else for some words of encouragement. 

Check out Junot’s article “Becoming a Writer”. Hopefully, it will make you fall in love with the process all over again. Or at least pep you up enough to write another day.

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