Navani Knows Afro-Latinos

The question of my identity has been the focus of most of my writing for pretty much most of my adult life. Just when I thought the subject could be put on the backburner, this lil old thing called Census 2010 came along. Once again, I was asked to sum up the totality of my existence in one little box. Which to me is totally ridiculous. There is no easy way to pick one box when as Latinos we are made up of more than one group of people. If I were to be totally honest I think I would check off Black AND Puerto Rican.

Yes, that’s right, Black. As much as our culture doesn’t like to acknowledge it Latinos are Black too. Our African heritage plays a huge role in our culture as a people. That’s why I was elated to hear about the upcoming TV documentary called Afro-Latinos: The Untold Story.  Created and Produced by award-winning television producer Renzo Devia and co-produced by celebrated journalist Alicia Anabel Santos. This seven part series is expected to leave viewers with a new perspective on the heritage of Latinos worldwide, in addition to a better understanding of the modern day adversities still facing Afro-Latinos today.

In conjuction with the TV documentary, a website has just been released as a resource and community for Afro-Latinos all over the world @ I am super excited about this website/project for a few reasons. One: fellow journalist Alicia Santos is working on it. I have the pleasure of knowing Alicia from the NY Latinas Writing group which she started here in the city. She has always been such an inspiring person to me so I am so excited to see one of her many dreams come to fruition. She has always been an advocate of the Afro-Latino movement and I am glad it is getting some much deserved attnetion. And secondly, I am hoping this will create awareness and a long overdue dialogue within both the Latino community and African-American community and work towards uniting the two.

Afro-Latinos: The Untold Story will be out 2011. Check out the trailer below:

3 thoughts on “Navani Knows Afro-Latinos

  1. Can’t wait for this!!

    I agree that we we african roots in us…that is 100% true but there are so many Latinos that don’t believe it..UGH.

    I would too check the same 2 boxes 🙂

    Did you read Lala’s article in about her saying she is black and puerto rican eventhough she is 100% puerto rican? It’s a good read.

  2. Having been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina, it is easy to see that we are definitely a mix of Europe, Africa, and Native America. This issue that come to light though is what people identify with. I am definitely looking forward to checking this movie out. I wish there was somewhere to sign-up to stay informed. I checked Puerto Rican on my census. I have long know that Puertorican = Spaniard, African, and Indian

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