Navani Knows: 5 Minutes With Q-Tip

Everytime I am dead set on moving out of New York, I have a classic moment that reminds me why I can’t. For instance, the moment I went to Brooklyn Bowl just to hang out and ended up meeting Q-Tip. It was a random Thursday night and I heard last minute that ?uestlove (Roots Crew) was spinning there. So, off I went with a friend to check it out. Turns out it was ?uest’s birthday and alongside him at the DJ booth was none other than Q-Tip, just hanging out. I flirted with the idea of talking to him (being the journalist I am I am always looking for another story) but I quickly chickened out fearing I would appear like a groupie.

After bowling a wonderful game of 51 and a few drinks later, I allowed my friend Duane to talk me into approching the legendary MC. I never know what to expect when meeting an artist, especially someone so iconic. Some artists that you think will be awesome turn out to be uber cocky or rude and then it changes their whole image for you forever. Luckily, I found out that Tip was not one of those people. He was as humble as he is talented and immediately agreed to do an interview with me.

While my main goal was to find out if him and Amanda Diva were truly a couple (which he never confirms but does list her as a fave artist -hmm lol), I did manage to get some other insightful nuggets from him on the future of hip-hop, his relationship with legendary producer J. Dilla and a special request for Jay-Z. Check out what the former Tribe member says in the interview here.

Shout out again to D-Nice for giving me the pep talk to make this happen. And shout out to Dee Phunk for giving me the lead that Brooklyn Bodega was looking for new writers 🙂

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