Navani Knows: Behind the Lens with Photo Rob

There is a certain camaraderie that goes on between people that are involved in the Hip-Hop scene in NYC. I am not referring soley to the artists either, but even with people that document it. You start to see the same faces at the same events and realize there is a bond there: being a fan of dope music. With that comes a certain level of respect. That’s how I came to meet and befriend Photo Rob. I was covering events for Brooklyn Bodega and would see him all the time. But it wasn’t until I covered the 13th Anniversary of the Halftime Show this year that I really got to talk to him. I then found out 1. how much of a fan of Hip-Hop he is 2. How well known/liked he is by the artists he shoots. As I sat there and saw how everyone stopped to say hello, and how familiar he was with everyone’s music, I realized this was more than just a gig for him – Hip-hop was a passion.

He began telling me stories of events he’d covered, artists he’d seen live. There were memorable moments where groups got back together for the first time, or didn’t speak at all. He was in the know! And then my journalistic instincts kicked in and I realized there was a story here. Photo Rob has worked with everyone from Large Professor to De La Soul to Mobb Deep and done album covers for half the Lps I currently listen to. I was excited to hear more about his adventures in hip-hop. Check out what Photo Rob had to say about working with Mobb Deep, getting chased off location with Marco Polo and Torae and being on stage with legendary Rakim in my interview on Culture Vault Radio.

Photo via Robert Adam Mayer

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