Navani Knows Shaghayegh & Lacking Lips of Time


You never know what special person you will meet when you attend a wedding. While most people go with hopes of meeting a romantic interest, at my friend Semira’s wedding last year I met someone that would be a wonderful friend and spiritual comrade. Within minutes of meeting Shaghayegh I was in awe of her story – from being a censored journalist in Iran, to traveling the world (Paris, Italy) to being an entrepreneur. I also realized we had so much in common – i.e our talks about ego and love for writing. So when she sent a note saying she had published her debut book of poetry, Lacking Lips Time and would be stopping in NYC on her book tour, I was thrilled.

It is a beautiful book with important messages about speaking you truth regardless of the obstacles and consequences. She has faced so many being a woman journalist in Iran and not conforming to the rules she didn’t agree with. I urge everyone who can to come check out her poetry reading and book signing tomorrow in NYC.  Help support independent books and the emerging voices that need to be heard. Info is below:

Saturday, Oct. 29th. 2pm-5pm:
60 Wooster Str.
New York, NY 10012

Books are available for purchase on There will be a limited supply available at the event also. For more information on Lacking Lips of Time add Shaghayegh on Facebook.


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