Navani Otero is a New York based multi-media journalist and radio personality. Her work has been featured in Latina Magazine, The New York Post, BOOM Magazine, XXL Magazine, In Touch Weekly Magazine, msnNOW and MTV News. She has interviewed the likes of 50 Cent, George Clooney, Donald Trump, Kiera Knightly and Rosie Perez to name a few. She also spent the last three years adding a woman’s perspective to Hip Hop as part of WNYU’s The Halftime Show on 89.1FM. The self-professed music junkie splits her free time between freelancing and mentoring aspiring teen writers.

Whatever doesn’t make it to the press ends up here. That means all her rants, raves, observations and musings on life in all it’s random glory. A wise man once said that writers write about what they know.

Here is what Navani Knows…

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Navani, what do you think of hip hop’s role in politics, particularly the 2008 election b/t Obama and McCain? And which candidate, do you believe, best represents the culture and why?

    Very insightful question, heh?

    Hi Navani!

  2. How’s the GOD treating you these days? i ran across your wordpress site and i am very intrested on your outlook between Blackfolks and Brownfolks needing to forge a dialogue between the two. Well i have a tshirt line here in fort worth texas that i”m in the process of working out the kinks on and i would love to work with you on some things becasue the tees will be exclusively celebrating Black and Brownfolks thru various phrases and i would love some help on the Brown side of it, if you will.

    Your New Friend,
    Barry Muhammad

  3. Love the blog and would love to send you some music/product. Our company is getting ready to send out the new Beatnuts project. Can you send me an email letting me know which email I can send you info? thanks! (didn’t see your email posted anywhere so I’m assuming you want to keep it private) – leigh@theoctopuscorp.com

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