Navani Knows how to be a production assistant…

Running in creative circles like I do means actively supporting those around you in their endeavors. Most times it comes in the form of going to a friend’s show. Other times, as I learned this weekend, it
means picking up a new skill set. For example, acting as production assistant on an impromptu Brooklyn wide photo shoot. I received a crash course in styling, photography and British culture while on location with my singer/songwriter friend Kim Garrison. I may be in the midst of a career change as we speak people…GO KIM STREET TEAM! WOOT!

It was very reminiscent of an episode of America’s Next Top Model on a Brooklyn street challenge. Kim plays the contestant minus the crying, David Renfrey plays Nigel, the British Photographer, and I am the not gay, less glamorous art director Jay, minus the platinum hair. I shouted out directions and fixed her hair, but mostly just carried bags and sat with them. In any case it was a cool experience playing apprentice!

Highlights included:

  • Helping Kim get over her fear of heights on the Williamsburg Bridge.
  • Learning how to measure light with special equipment and having it added to my PA duties (along with watching the bags).
  • Playing fashion show while eating butternut squash baked pizza. YUM!
  • Pinning up a nightgown and pretending it was suitable to wear outside at 6 pm. (MAKE IT WORK)
  • Taking a picture of someone taking a picture. (STREET TEAM ACTION SHOTS WOO HOO)
  • Kim yelling at everyone as they walked into Rockwood music hall to go to the other room and not look at her.
  • Getting accosted by the park police for not having a permit to shoot pictures (after shooting for over an hour).
  • The park police not noticing the huge bottle of Jameson we had with us on location.
  • Skater guy watching us shoot at the park.
  • Skater guy following us around the block and watching us again.
  • Kim sprawled out on a purple bench.
  • Kim in the middle of the street with her dress and 4 inch heels, screaming periodically that she is NOT a street walker.
  • Finding the space invaders symbol painted on the wall.
  • Skater guy still watching us
  • Kim waving to the police hoping they don’t mistake her for a street walker.
  • Trying to find the damn pier.
  • Not finding the pier entrance, but stumbling on the best diner known to mankind (Relish Diner)
  • Learning terminology like “closer “(a closer body shot) and “neat” (drink without ice).
  • David reading his manual – um how long have you been a professional photographer?
  • David figuring out color saturation. We heart color saturation!
  • Kim and I getting hit on by an eight-year-old outside the bodega – “you so sexy, and your friend too:”
  • Me learning about embedding colors and the real definition of a flat in the same breath.
  • Saying, “of course” after everything.
  • Making David listen to Soko “I’ll kill her.”
  • David loving the song.
  • Getting scared by large groups of tourists in Dumbo.
  • Running away from Dumbo shortly thereafter.
  • Me speaking in a British accent for the remainder of the day.

So, it is very fitting that I am being sent to cover the AOL Fashionista photoshoot later today. Stay tuned for that blog…