Navani Knows: The Cleanse Day 1

I recently decided to take on the challenge of the master cleanse along with my friend Kim. Although not eating solid for any amount of time is never something that sounds appealing to a Latina, I was intrigued by all the cleansing benefits. apparently, it clears all the toxins from your blody, your blood and cells and helps curb illness and/or addictions in the process. After talking to a few people that have survived the cleanse and realizing none of them died, I decided I was up for the challenge. I’m in a transitional point in my life right now where I am looking to shift my perception of certain areas in my life. Mainly some of my relationships with people and my overall outlook on life. I figured this cleanse would give me the much needed break to sit still and be quiet with myself to get my much needed clarity (who socializes when they can’t eat??).

So Kim and I decided to embark on this focused clarity quest together this weekend. Today was day one.  I woke up after crashing at my cousins house all weekend to act as a mediator between her house guest. I did the salt water flush when I woke up which wasprobably my least favorite activity in my whole life. I sat and waited anxiously after hearing all the horror stories of this part of the cleanse. I thought it meant spending the entire day in the bathroom but 2 hours in and nothing. everyone else got up and proceeded to make eggs and hash browns and I discovered the real challenge of this quest. It is darn near impossible to be around anyone else during this period. It’s fine I took my lemonade and cuddled up to twilight all day and ignored the feast going on. Note to self: avoid everyone but Kim this week.

After explaining for the 5th time ot my friends why I was doing this and assuring them I would not faint on the street somewhere, I finally got their consent. Four servings later and halfway through the book we decided to head o the movies.  Wish me luck on my first public outing. Still no real epiphanies on the meaning of life yet. Stay tuned to see how I survive my first day at work manana!

Navani Knows how to be a production assistant…

Running in creative circles like I do means actively supporting those around you in their endeavors. Most times it comes in the form of going to a friend’s show. Other times, as I learned this weekend, it
means picking up a new skill set. For example, acting as production assistant on an impromptu Brooklyn wide photo shoot. I received a crash course in styling, photography and British culture while on location with my singer/songwriter friend Kim Garrison. I may be in the midst of a career change as we speak people…GO KIM STREET TEAM! WOOT!

It was very reminiscent of an episode of America’s Next Top Model on a Brooklyn street challenge. Kim plays the contestant minus the crying, David Renfrey plays Nigel, the British Photographer, and I am the not gay, less glamorous art director Jay, minus the platinum hair. I shouted out directions and fixed her hair, but mostly just carried bags and sat with them. In any case it was a cool experience playing apprentice!

Highlights included:

  • Helping Kim get over her fear of heights on the Williamsburg Bridge.
  • Learning how to measure light with special equipment and having it added to my PA duties (along with watching the bags).
  • Playing fashion show while eating butternut squash baked pizza. YUM!
  • Pinning up a nightgown and pretending it was suitable to wear outside at 6 pm. (MAKE IT WORK)
  • Taking a picture of someone taking a picture. (STREET TEAM ACTION SHOTS WOO HOO)
  • Kim yelling at everyone as they walked into Rockwood music hall to go to the other room and not look at her.
  • Getting accosted by the park police for not having a permit to shoot pictures (after shooting for over an hour).
  • The park police not noticing the huge bottle of Jameson we had with us on location.
  • Skater guy watching us shoot at the park.
  • Skater guy following us around the block and watching us again.
  • Kim sprawled out on a purple bench.
  • Kim in the middle of the street with her dress and 4 inch heels, screaming periodically that she is NOT a street walker.
  • Finding the space invaders symbol painted on the wall.
  • Skater guy still watching us
  • Kim waving to the police hoping they don’t mistake her for a street walker.
  • Trying to find the damn pier.
  • Not finding the pier entrance, but stumbling on the best diner known to mankind (Relish Diner)
  • Learning terminology like “closer “(a closer body shot) and “neat” (drink without ice).
  • David reading his manual – um how long have you been a professional photographer?
  • David figuring out color saturation. We heart color saturation!
  • Kim and I getting hit on by an eight-year-old outside the bodega – “you so sexy, and your friend too:”
  • Me learning about embedding colors and the real definition of a flat in the same breath.
  • Saying, “of course” after everything.
  • Making David listen to Soko “I’ll kill her.”
  • David loving the song.
  • Getting scared by large groups of tourists in Dumbo.
  • Running away from Dumbo shortly thereafter.
  • Me speaking in a British accent for the remainder of the day.

So, it is very fitting that I am being sent to cover the AOL Fashionista photoshoot later today. Stay tuned for that blog…