Navani Knows Curly Girls! My Latina Magazine Video Shoot

I didn’t always embrace my curly hair. I know, it sounds awful saying it out loud, but it’s true. I went through my moments fighting it and not knowing what to do with it and therefore wishing my hair was different. (Please see my previous post about curly hair dedicated to my cousin)

But finally, I learned to accept and love my hair just the way it is (gotta love adulthood). And now it has become my best accessory. But who knew I’d actually see the day when I’d be rewarded for my curly hair! My friend Sugey sent me a link to a contest Latina Magazine was throwing for a “Curly Girl Makeover” sponsored by Mizani hair products. I read it over and figured I was def qualified. I never win anything EVER so I didn’t put too much thought into it, but I figured what the heck.

Funny thing is I was a winner! Three girls in total with three different types of curly hair were picked to get a Mizani Makeover to be filmed and made into a promotional video for Mizani True Textures products. I am always game for free hair products so I was in. Plus, I was told breakfast and lunch would be provided, score.

I never realized how much work goes into making something that is only 4 minutes long. The day started at 7 am and didn’t wrap until 5 pm. During that time we had before make up done (I never knew there was such a thing) and before shots taken. Then there were lines to learn and say – sometimes taking 7 or 8 takes for each girl. Then there was the lighting to consider – the sun kept coming in and out and making the videographers lives hell. Each time the lighting changed, adjustments inside had to be made and items rearranged. Then there was the actual process of washing and styling my hair which included twisting all my hair into tiny double twists and then sitting under the dryer for an hour. Finally, the “after” takes and more reading of lines. It was fun to get dolled up and great meeting and chatting with the other curly girls – Mariela and Karla. All in all it was a really great day! And as I stated in the video below – it was so nice to be in an environment that not only understood curly hair but welcomed it.

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