Navani Knows: The Cleanse Day 2

So I’m back to my lil sub-blog I’ve started here for my master cleanse quest. Today was Day 2 and my first day at work. Day 2 for me was pretty uneventful. I realize I spend much of my time now just waiting around – waiting to see what exactly will happen. I was a lil nervous about attempting my long commute in this morning but my bus came on time and I swigged away on the whole ride into the city. No faintness, no weakness, score! On the contrary, I actually had energy today. I felt really motivated and focused to get my work done which is pretty amazing for a Monday.

Then 11 am rolled around which is my normal snack time and I looked around in despair. Today I had no options. I swigged some more so I wasn’t feeling really hungry. I just wanted to take my attention off of work and do something else. That something else is usually put food in my mouth. It is much harder at work I am seeing because it’s just me staring at the computer, and when I am bored of that I have no reason to get up for a food distraction. Which I now learned is what I do. I eat all day at work out of boredom. That, and to socialize. Most times food is at the center of socializing – lets go out for lunch, let’s all of us go get a snack, let’s catch up with a drink after work. So while pyscically I am fine, I am feeling pretty darn isolated.

Now that I don’t have food as an excuse to distract myself periodically I have lots more time for myslef to…. think. I was already an over thinker, great. Now I just sit and analzye even more topics all day. But on the flipside, it also gives me more time to sneak away some writing which is what I really need. Point for the cleanse from hell.

I went a lil further out on a limb by staying out after work and attending a literary event. Not eating was not going ot hold me back from hearing Junot Diaz speak. Besides, I figured being in a room of other artists wouldn’t be a threat, except when I walked in I realized thre was open bar and food. UGh! Again, I wasn’t hungry, I just felt like since it was there I HAD to partake, like I was missing out or something. It was pretty darn lame. Anyone that knows me knows I never pass up free food,sigh. But I kept my eye on the prize and told myself it’s all about the big picture. A few days out of my entire life is fine, get over it. And I did.

Overall, so far so good. I gave up on squeezing lemons 5x a day and just make one huge “to go” batch for the day now . And I also gave up on the salt water flush. Come on I have to have some boundaries on what I can tolerate. So, while my social life is non-existent, my pockets are rather happy. And with the stock market dropping the way it did today, that has got to count for something.

I hear day 3 is the worst, stay tuned….