Navani Knows: Rooftop Legends 2011 Recap

This past weekend was the 4th Anual Rooftop Legends opening exhibit that took place on the roof (hence the title) of the New Design High School in LES. I have never been to this spot before but apparently it is a space known for embracing street art. Going onto the roof for the first time is a surreal experience, like being transplanted in time back to the era of the “Style Wars” documentary and the origins of hip-hop, breakdancing and graffiti culture. Murals of all styles and substance are on display, from the political to the artistic, extravagant to subdued. Having these works in a school, in such a protected way, both ensures there remains a place for graffiti art in New York City, even with tighter laws and enforcement and at the same time has become an effective fundraising tool for the school administration.

The Rooftop Legends Opening Reception was a pretty awesome event with art from a plethora of artists including TOOFLY, TRIZ (TS5) & SUEIE (CAC), COPE2, SIEN alongside TATU (XMEN) and more, curated by Jesse Pais. The exhibit  spans the size of an entire NYC block, which is unheard of and overwhelming in a great way. It feels almost like you are in a museum with a live DJ and awesome city views (minus the fire we witnessed down the block). I strongly urge anyone who is a fan of street art to check it out. For more info check out the RoofTop Legends Blog.

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