Navani Knows “Sour Diesel”

Being snowed in during the biggest blizzard in over 10 years kinda has it’s advantages. One being you can sleep in, two being I got all caught up on all my blog reading. In my reading I came across a new video from my homie Vast Aire. I am always excited to see the people I know doing big things, and Vast is one of them. Especially because he is the first actual rapper I ever did know personally. He was the first person to show me that rapping can actually be a career.

I remember in high school (95/96… yes, I am dating myself) when he told people he was a rapper, a lot of people including myself were skeptical. I mean he was talented but in the early 90’s it became a fad for people to start saying that’s what they wanted to be. You hardly ever saw people actual have any follow through. But when we graduated high school and went our separate ways, it made me smile to see the Cannibal Ox albums in Fatbeats. He really lived the dream and is continuing to do so over a decade later and for that I am proud.

So, of course I am gonna support anything he does when I can. So shout out to Vast and his new video “Sour Diesel” with Double A.B. off his┬álatest project called OX 2010 Street Odyssey set to be released in February. For all those missing the Ox, here you go.