Navani Knows: Vast Aire’s Exclusive Interview on Brooklyn Bodega Radio

There are times when my whole life comes full circle and the stars align and everything makes perfect sense. Not many, but few. Like for instance, when I cross paths with someone I grew up with in my present career. That’s what happened this past week when I was able to reconnect with my childhood friend, Vast Aire.

Vast and I met in high school working an arts-based after school job that his father ran. He stood out not only because of his size (some think that’s where his name was derived from), but for his vocal ability. He was a rapper, since before I met him at 15. He did rapper like things, for example, carrying around a notebook that he constantly wrote in, kicking verses at the drop of a dime and battling in ciphers. When someone asked what he aspired to be, he said with conviction, “a rapper.” This wasn’t as common or easy to say as it is today. Today, everyone is a rapper.But then it wascommon  to not take this seriously. I mean, no one we knew ever did this profressionally.

Cut to some 15 years later (yikes, totally dating myself) and we cross paths once again. Him as a rapper for more than a decade and me as a music journalist. It was a treat to be able to reach out to him not only on a personal level, but this time profressionally and ask him for an interview to promote his latest project. He’s had a long, successful career thus far that continues with the release of his upcoming EP and LP OX Street Odyssey 2010.

He agreed with only two days notice to come on the show. It was great to catch up.  Not only was he humble but completely candid as he addressed rumors of beef in the game and Cannibal Ox breaking up. It’s refreshing to actually speak to an artist this way, where nothing is off limits. It doesn’t happen often in this game where everything is scripted and publicists give a list of demands before any interaction.  

Most importantly, we also got to hear more about the making of his latest opus which features  Hip Hop heavywweights Raekwon, Cappadonna (he’s on the single “I Don’t Care“), Guilty Simpson and Vordul Mega. Check out the entire interview here on Brooklyn Bodega Radio.

OX Street Odyssey 2010 EP is dropping March 3rd. The LP due out in May.

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